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Dinner: Monday - Sunday from 4:30pm

Wash ruined cheese, aged on cedar planks which contribute a slightly earthy note to the rich, creamy flavours that carry a hint of sweetness on the finish // Cro‍‍‍ûte lavée, vieilli sur des planches de cédre, note légèrement terreuse, texture crèmeuse et une finition sucrée‍‍‍

5 Brothers- Gunn Hill Farm, Oxford‍‍‍, Ontario‍‍‍‍‍‍

Semi-firm, wash-rind, pasteurized cheese, produced with milk from Lamancha goats known for their higher than average fat content. The result is a smooth cheese with vegetal and earthy notes, as well as smooth "goatness" on the finish // Semi‍‍‍-ferme, croûte lavée et pasteurisée, fait de lait de chévre Lamancha, des saveurs terreuse et végétale‍‍‍

Nosey Goat - Upper Canada Cheese Com‍‍‍pany

Named after the year the French first came to Canada along with a herd of dairy cattle. These cattle soon gave birth to what became known as Les Canadiennes, from a population of over 200, 000 in the early 1900's today there are only 500 cattle that produce milk for this cheese. 1608 is a semi-soft, thermalized cheese that offers notes of hazelnuts, and a wonderful creamy finish // Nommé‍‍‍ d'aprés l'année les Français sont arrivé au Canada, le 1608 est semi-mou à saveur de noisette et texture crémeuse‍‍‍

1608 - Charlevoix, Q‍‍‍uébec

Triple cream brie, infused with Perigord truffles, huge notes of full flavoured, sweet, creamy butter are enhanced by the earthiness of the truffles //  Brie‍‍‍ triple crème, infusé aux truffles du Périgord, texture crèmeuse et saveur terreuse provenant des truffles.‍‍‍

Mild flavoured and slight saltiness, St. Agur appeals to many palettes. This pasteurized cow's milk cheese that is produced by a select group of farmers located in Haut Loire region of France. The fact that it contains 60% butter cream means this is a cheese that not only tastes good, but is rich in calcium, protein, and minerals // À ‍‍‍saveur douce et légèrement salée, fait de lait Pasteurisé provenant de la région de la Haute Loire‍‍‍

Thermalized sheep milk, truly palate cleansing, delicate, mild, and slightly floral, the richness of the sheep's milk shines through // ‍‍‍Lait thermalisé de mouton, délicat avec des saveurs douce et légèrement  floral

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Ca‍‍‍rrot + Foie Gras

Carrot cake, pickled walnut, cream cheese mousse, foie gras ice cream

Gâteau aux carottes, noix de Grenoble marinée, mousse au fromage à la créme glacée au foie gras‍‍‍

Tart crème pâtissière aux pommes, crème glacée au beurre brun, pomme sous-vide, beurre aux pomme‍‍‍

Cr‍‍‍ème Brûlée



Chocolate stout cake, malted chocolate mousse, double chocolate crumb, salte‍‍‍d ice cream, kumquat

Gâteau‍‍‍ à la bière et chocolat, mousse de chocolat malté, miete de chocola‍‍‍t, crème glacée salée, kumquat

  Happy Hour: Monday - Friday from 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Dessert‍‍‍ ‍‍‍

Chef's Tasting




Carrot et Foie Gras‍‍‍

Apple custard tart, brown butter ice cream, sousvide apple, apple butter



Crème Brûlée‍‍‍

Biscotti crumble, fresh local berries‍‍‍

Biscotti émiette, baies locales‍‍‍



Tr‍‍‍uffo - ‍‍‍France

St. Agur, Fr‍‍‍ance

Tomme d'Estaing - France