Passed Canapes & Appetizers

$35 per dozen (minimum 2 dozen per selection)

Sushi Pizza
dill aioli, pickled ginger

puffed rice, soy glaze

Agro Dolce Meatballs

Prawn spring roll
citrus soy

Shiitake mushroom spring roll
umami sauce

Beet Blini
horseradish creme fraiche

Mini gruyere popovers
brown butter, parmesan

Fish Beignets
chili yuzu mayo



PASSED appetizers
$60 per dozen, (minimum 3 dozen per selection)

Lamb Popsicles
grainy mustard, herb crumb crust($80 per dozen

Mini Cheese Burgers
espellete mustard, pickles (choose a type of cheese)

Tempura Fish Cutter
yuzu mayo, purple cabbage, sesame, nori crisps

Spot Prawn Ceviche Taro Taco
avocado, pickled ginger

Chicken Taro Tacos
sumac, macerated onions

Smoked Meat Sandwiches
house rye, house sauerkraut, hot mustard

Tuna Tataki
tomato, chili, aargan oil

Salmon Gravlax Beet Blinis 
dill crema

Please note that Passed Appetizers can be served during the cocktail hour and can also be incorporated into your late night table.

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